Determination of provincial level of hazardous waste collection location in East Java province using center of gravity method

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Dedy Oktrianto E. Nurhadi Siswanto


East Java is the province with the second largest industry in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia in 2016 showed that approximately 549,750 ton of hazardous waste produced by industry in East Java and about 58% or about 320,499 ton is treated. Currently, treatment of hazardous waste is still conducted outside of East Java Province. Meanwhile, untreated hazardous waste needs to be kept in a suitable place in order not to pollute the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to collect hazardous waste in East Java. The objective of this research is to determine the site of hazardous waste collection location in East Java. The method used to select the location is Centre of Gravity method based on minimal transportation cost. Following the selection of the best location, the warehouse design and risk identification are conducted. The analysis results showed the suitable location is situated at coordinates (-7.34962;112.68251) with total transportation costs of Rp. 170,370,268,038. The storage area was 4.94784 hectares. Based on risk Identification, there were 5 risks: Fire, explosion, reactivity, health problems, and environmental pollution.

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