The Study of urban drainage system based on spatial structure plan Case Study: Praya District, Central Lombok Regency-West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

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Rahmat Irawan Ellina S. Pandebesie Ipung Fitri Purwanti


The whole planning of urban infrastructure development should refer to the Urban Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR) that has been developed by the Regional Government. One of them is drainage system planning which also need to pay attention to land use change plan which have take effect on increasing of coefficient value of run-off which is the result of increasing number of land cover. Based on the land use-planning spatial structure patterns in 2034, there is an increase in land cover a total area of 75 hectares. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the urban drainage system in order to avoid problems in future. Calculation of flood discharge using the rational formula with the value of the coefficient value of run-of on spatial structure plan. The analysis of existing drainage system is carried out to find out whether still capable of accommodating the discharge in spatial structure plan in 2034. Based on the drainage channel capacity analysis, 30 channels have to be repaired.The handling is done by widening the channel and increase the number of channels along the 3191.36 m. Another effort to reduce the flood is by making absorption wells in residential areas with the total amount needed as many as 179 units.

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