Editor in Chief

Editor-in-chief (the Editor) of Sustinere has wide-ranging authority for determining the editorial content within the defined scope and assigned responsibility for the peer review of individual papers. The Editor takes final responsibility for all editorial decisions and for everything published in Sustinere.

Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board is a team of prominent experts with national and international recognition in their field. Members of Editorial Advisory Board expected to provide support, guidance, and advice –on content, policy, scope, etc.– for the Editor to ensure the continual development of Sustinere.

Board of Editors

Board of Editor is made up of a team of outstanding experts who work directly with the Editor to develop Sustinere and promote new initiatives. They also serve as the Journal ambassador; attracting new authors and encouraging submissions.

The roles of the Board of Editor are:

  • To offer expertise in their specialist area
  • To review submitted manuscripts
  • To advise on journal policy and scope
  • To work with the Editor to ensure ongoing development of Sustinere
  • To attract new and established authors and article submissions
  • To submit some of their own work for consideration*)

*) When Editorial Board members submit their work it is important to ensure that they adhere to Conflict of Interest rules and stating their relationship to Sustinere.

Managing Editor

The managing editor is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of Sustinere, takes responsibility for the movement of articles from submission to acceptance or rejection. Managing Editor oversees and supervises all editorial activities of Sustinere such as the peer review process, article acceptance or rejection, copyediting papers for publication, typesetting, sending proofs to authors, preparing papers for publication, and producing the journal.

Associate Editors

Associate editors responsible for assisting the Editor in Chief in conducting his/her editorial duties, in implementing the policies of the journal, and in monitoring the efficiency of its systems. They provide support to ensure that the quality of the journal is maintained.

  • Carries out developmental/technical editing of manuscripts for quality and relevance.
  • Contribute to the ongoing expansion of the reviewer database
  • Work with authors and reviewers; summarize reviews and recommend a course of action for reviewed paper
  • Undertake the reading and editing of manuscripts, including rewriting for clarity and language, correcting grammatical errors and checking references, and prepare manuscripts for typesetting.