The Strategy of Domestic Wastewater Management in Kenjeran Surabaya

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Daniel Wicaksono Agus Slamet


Kenjeran is one of district in Surabaya with high risk sanitation based on EHRA Surabaya 2012. Kenjeran has 4 (four) sub districts consist of Bulak Banteng, Tanah Kali Kedinding, Sidotopo Wetan and Tambak Wedi. Bulak Banteng, Tanah Kali Kedinding and Tambak Wedi in Kenjeran District has identified as areas where open defecation still happened. The research is descriptive study using field survey, interview, and comparation existing condition with standarts and regulations. The technical aspect study is conducted by analyzing the needs of wastewater infrastructure facilities based on the volume domestic wastewater. 80 (eighty) Communal Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) were designed to solve domestic wastewater handling in 4 (four) subdistrict. Each of 80 (eighty) STP designed to cover 75 – 100 households. The domestic wastewater treatment plant using Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Technology. An example of design STP conducted in Dukuh Bulak Banteng with cover 100 household.

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