Redesign of distribution network of Central Demak District

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Arya Rezagama Endro Sutrisno Joko Susilo Ervando Tommy Nosa Ajulva Lovely


Demak is a growing regency which is located in Central Java Province. The growth is mainly in the industrial sector and population settlement. Demak Waterwork Company has served 21.178 customers with the capacity flow of 159.33 l/s which is predicted to reach 300 l/s or double in the next 10 years in 2027. The Water Distribution Networks (WDN) was developed in a large zonation that resulted in the flow of water not being properly managed. The lack of water supply due to low the pressure especially at peak hours, the level of leakage, and the difficulty to detect leakage are potential to be a serious problem that should be solved. The objectives of this study include projecting of demand for drinking water in the 2036 and designing a  zoning system to meet future needs of drinking water.  This study applied epanet modelling to simulate the water network system in existing and predicted condition. The result showed that in selecting the pipe for replacement, some aspects to be considered including the characteristics of pipes, pipe materials and pipe size based on the load of drinking water to be carried. Some developmental strategies e.g improving the capacity, establishing zones, and resizing the pump capacity will improve the reliability and efficiency of the water distribution network. The pressure model resulted in enough value to supply the whole area of more than 0.5 bar in service pipe.

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